Thursday, January 3, 2013

Back to Square 9

My appologies for the long, loooong delay in posting.
On top of the long delay in posting, I just realized that my list of at least 89 delights was thrown away when we moved.


But, I am chosing to think of those 89 delights as sand paintings. Never meant to be permanent, but as beauties that served their purpose and moved on.

So, now, we're back to delight #9! I will make it to 100!!! It will be done! And it'll be done in 2013!

Too many exclamation points? I THINK NOT!!

Okay, so today's delight #9.....

COFFEE!! What, not as spectacular as you were thinking? A nice warm, comforting, soothing cup of coffee in happy mug can make all the difference in your morning.
Here's to yummy coffee in my Dunkin' Donuts mug.

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