Thursday, September 6, 2012

Delight of the Day #8-- CRAVING IT

Delight of the Day #8
My Mother-in-Law-to-be always says she's craving things and then promptly makes 8lbs of whatever it was she was craving. I find this hysterical. Oh yeah, "I WAS CRAVING IT! [so I made 50 and ate 1]"
We were all in the car and she mentioned something about one of the foods she was craving. I was pretty down that day, missing my Dad and that little laughter made my day!
Thank you Tina, for CRAVING whatever it was you craved that made me laugh so hard. (I think it was a brownie)
Here's a picture of the roadhouse from which the crave worthy brownie came. Courtesy of the IgoUgo

Delight of the Day #7 -- Dinner Delight

Delight of the Day #7
Dinner with friends. Never underestimate a simple dinner shared with good friends. It was relaxing and comforting. And having kids to watch and laugh at is always good too.
What a Yummy DOD

Delight of the Day #6 -- to the Bluff

Delight of the Day #6
I took a long lunch today and went with my sweetie to a special place we call the bluff. You can look out over the water and see Fire Island in the distance. It was beautiful and green and not too windy.
Going to the bluff was delightful and a fabulous break in the day.

Delight of the Day #5-- hugs not drugs

Delight of the Day #5
I saw my Mom today and got a GREAT BIG HUG! And it was long. Oh yeah. mom hugs are the best and long ones are even better.
Hooray for Mom hugs!
I would post a great picture of my Mom, but she might kill me. So here is a picture of some pretty leaves instead. Enjoy!

Delight of the Day #4 -- more flowers

Delight of the Day #4 
What can I say? I love flowers!! They make me so happy.
Today, I saw tiny Johnny Jump Up flowers on my walk to work. Their little purple and yellow faces make me smile.

Delight of the Day #3 -- Lovely Lilies

Delight of the Day #3
Beautiful lilies planted in someone's yard that I pass on my way work. They're Dad's favorite flowers.

Delight of the Day #2

Delight of the Day #2
A beautiful picture of love from Sally

Delight of the Day #1 (and intro)

I'll have to back track a bit as I started this 23 days ago, but only just now got around putting the delights into a blog.
The idea for this blog came from needing to find little spots of happiness and delight in my days after my father passed away leaving a big hole in my heart. I thought that after spending 100 days looking for small pleasures, delights and bits happiness in my days, I might not need to look so hard and perhaps happiness would return to my days as effortlessly as it had in the past.
I hope this blog inspires others to see the joy that is present in every moment of everyday.

With no further delay, here are the delights! And here's to you Dad. I love you!

Delight of the day #1: Watching bright green leaves rustle in the wind out my window.