Thursday, September 6, 2012

Delight of the Day #8-- CRAVING IT

Delight of the Day #8
My Mother-in-Law-to-be always says she's craving things and then promptly makes 8lbs of whatever it was she was craving. I find this hysterical. Oh yeah, "I WAS CRAVING IT! [so I made 50 and ate 1]"
We were all in the car and she mentioned something about one of the foods she was craving. I was pretty down that day, missing my Dad and that little laughter made my day!
Thank you Tina, for CRAVING whatever it was you craved that made me laugh so hard. (I think it was a brownie)
Here's a picture of the roadhouse from which the crave worthy brownie came. Courtesy of the IgoUgo

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