Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Flowers in Alaska

Some places are replete with flowers, mostly tropical places I figure, but even places like Oregon or the Prairie at the right time of year bursts into bloom.
We in Alaska have very specific times of years for blooms. Each fall our landscapes burst into magenta pink fields cover in fireweed. This is not that time of year. (Thankfully! I'm still waiting for summer!)
This is the short window for our non-native Cherry trees!! They're so beautiful! And it makes me feel like I'm in DC or in Oregon! (I kind of like Oregon... Just a little)
So here's a little picture of the blooming cherry blossoms down the street to share my utter and complete delight with you!!
PS: For insight into just how delightful I find these trees, I once, in high school, had a friend shake a cherry tree for me while I danced in its falling petals. Yeah, I'm that kind of dweeb. It was soooo delightful though!!! You should totally try it if you're my kind of dweeb ;-)

Delight in the day!!

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